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Our Mission.

Develop platforms to enable people to

find places to play in.

We aspire to help people find

places to play in and people to play with.

Searching venues for your matches, finding players for your event or dropping in for a match after work - everything made easier with WePlay

Meet the Players


WePlay begins with our very own story of a group of friends with an immense love and passion for playing, yet always falling short of teammates for a game. While we were in the process of figuring out how we could find more players to play with, we realised there were so many similar players with the desire to play, but lacking in support and resources to play with. That’s when we decided WePlay would stand to work on solving the problems faced by players, as players ourselves.

Connecting players with playing spaces and other players just like them, with whom they can share their games, their victories, even their losses, but most of all their shared love and passion for playing has always been our goal at WePlay.For Players By Players comes from the root of us wanting to bring players closer to playing spaces and players alike. Building a community of players, hosts and anyone who loves to play, WePlay is For Players, By Players.

Leadership Team

Bishow Basnet

Executive Director

Prakash Regmi

Community & Partnerships

Manashi Pandit

Business Development

Smriti Bajracharya

Branding & Communications

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