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Women Worth Watching

The story of recent times has seen brilliant women marking their presence in sports nationally and internationally. Their performance in recent years has highlighted their unphased attitude, unwillingness to settle, and untethered spirit, which is a testament that they are here to inspire, uplift, and make a lasting mark in sports. 

 On 8th March 2021, to celebrate International Women’s Day, WePlay devoted the entire month to the stories of these players and launched “Women Worth Watching” – a campaign aimed at celebrating and highlighting the achievements of all women in sports. We dedicated this month to paying homage to female athletes and in doing so hosted various activities to celebrate and honour their achievements. 


For the campaign, we interacted with, hosted, and gave a platform to various women in sports. We got an insight into their journey, the challenges they’ve encountered, their place in the game so far, their love for sports, and what being a woman in sport entails. 


Over the years, and through our affiliation with the women's community, we have seen women in sport defy stereotypes, challenge social conventions and make inspiring roles. Fascinated by the stories of Nepali female athletes who set the perfect example of perseverance and power of motivation, we asked women from and beyond the sports community about which female athletes they find fascinating and got a stream of answers.

This initiative aimed to not just highlight aspirational female athletes but provide a common ground for sports lovers to bond over their shared love for the sports and their idols. Through this campaign, and stories of female players who have achieved great heights, we aimed to foster the hope and aspiration of a young female player. 

As an extension of the “Women Worth Watching”, WePlay also partnered with several of its venue partners to give up to 50% off on futsal booking for all female players for the entire month of March. WePlay staunchly believes and is working towards providing a platform that provides equal opportunities to our male and female players. Through this initiative, we wanted to encourage our female players and their teams to channel their love for the sports and the game in the field of their choice free of any kind of hurdles and as a company, we vouch to do the same in the coming years as well.

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