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The Adiball Campaign - A common ground that united us

When the pandemic hit our lives in early 2020, we were all forced to stay indoors, got bounded by the four walls of our houses and there was no way for us to get outside to live our daily habits as normal. And neither was there any certainty if it would ever get back as before. A lot of activities were put to an indefinite halt. Our daily routine, which was as simple as it could get - such as meeting up with your friends for an hour of futsal, was also on a stop, and that’s when a lot of us realised how desperate we were to get back on that pitch and to get back moving.

That’s when we initiated our Adiball Campaign in partnership with Adidas Nepal, Balevo Co and The WE United Project, with the intent of encouraging our players at home that sports can be accessible even in the smallest of places and we can still enjoy our favourite sport despite the lockdown.

We got to see a lot of players from different backgrounds and communities sending us snippets of how they were staying active with just a football – some playing in their backyards, some in their terrace, some even in their room with a roll of paper.

What started as a notion to encourage players to stay active with their favourite sport during lockdown, slowly turned into a community of players displaying their amazing skill sets of freestyling. Men, women and players as young as 14 were actively sending videos of their best shots, and it formed a community who enjoy football just as much as the next person does, but express it in a more artistic way.

With the first edition of the Adiball Campaign hosted during September 2020 where we saw players getting creative within the confines of their home, we hosted the second edition again in August 2021, where we saw a more diverse group of players sending in their videos of basketball as well.

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